Shop’n Chop Weekly Offerings-May 25

Sauce-Stage 1

Shefidgets Shop’n Chop

Week of May 25th


Overnight Oatmeal-Rolled oats, almond Greek style yogurt, cashew or coconut milk, dried fruits, chia, & flax mixed together and refrigerated overnight.  Melt in your mouth creamy yogurt and oatmeal goodness. Just grab one and top with the packet of chopped nuts and you are ready to eat.

$5 each/ $16 container for 4

Chicken Chorizo Travelling Omelet-Farm fresh 2 egg omelet filled with house made chicken chorizo, roasted green chilies and Pasilla peppers, sweet onion, and a spicy mole. Topped with crumbled goat cheese and wrapped in freshly made sprouted corn tortillas.

$6 each /$19 pan for 4

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs-Organic free range chicken eggs boiled to perfection.

$1 each/$10 per doz.


Paleo Box Lunch-Yucatan Chicken Breast or Tofu, GF Pasta Salad, hard boiled farm fresh egg, house made humus, local veggies, and for dessert Maca Brownie Bites.

$11 per box          

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie-Comfort food made healthy. Saucy ground turkey, peas, carrots, and onion topped with seasoned mash potatoes and baked.

$7 each/$20 pan for 4

Pasta with Sautéed Vegetables & Roasted Garlic Kale Pesto-Trust me, you will not be able to tell that this is gluten free pasta! Eat it heated up or cold as a salad.  

$6 each/ $18 container for 4

Kitchari-Yogi’s use this dish to cleanse or as a monodiet to heal their body, especially the intestinal tract. Quinoa, brown Basmati rice, and mung beans make the base for this hearty dish.  

$4 each/ $12 container for 4

Soups of the Week-Healing Bone Broth or Coconut Miso.  The bone broth is made from simmering organic grass fed beef bones for two days. Sip it any time of the day to help improve digestion, allergies, immune system, and nourish your brain. The coconut miso soup has potatoes, carrots, Chinese greens, miso, and fresh coconut milk.

$5 pint/ $10 Quart 


Yucatan Chicken Enchiladas-Ancho chili and orange marinated chicken breast, sweet onion, sweet potato layered with fresh sprouted corn tortillas, Yucatan sauce, and crumbled goat cheese. Served with Safflower brown rice and red beans. $12 dinner/$36 dinner for 4                      Just Enchiladas $9 each/ $24 pan for 4

Vata Platter– Balance your dosha with the 6 tastes of food and the warm spices of Indian food.  Chickpeas in Masala Sauce, Biriyani with Coconut Mint Sauce, Yellow Split Mung Dahl, Cucumber Yogurt Raita (goat or dairy free), and Chapati.                        

$16 dinner/$48 dinner for 4                                                                                           

Papilottes-Asian Spring Vegetables and marinated sprouted tofu are neatly packaged in parchment ready to pop in the oven.  Served with Sichuan Peanut Noodle Squash and pineapple fried brown rice.

$16 dinner/ $48 dinner for 4                                                                    


Prices are per adult. 

Family style available. Kid’s portions are 50% off.

*All items are available a la carte. Dairy free or gluten free? No problem. Please let me know if you have any food restrictions, I am happy to make adjustments for you.  As a rule my recipes are all wheat free and dairy free.  There are times when I will use a goat milk product, but will make sure to include that in the description. 

The delivery fee is $25.00 per order.  Free with orders of $75 or more.  Email your order by Tuesday at 5pm for Thursday midday delivery to SHEFIDGETS@HOTMAIL.COM OR CALL/TEXT ME AT 206-718-0126. 

Thanks! I look forward to cooking for you!

Mardi Ledbetter

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