Shop’n Chop Weekly Offerings-May 11/13 Delivery

Chicken Curry


Overnight Oatmeal-Rolled oats, local Greek style yogurt, dried fruits, chia, & flax mixed together and stored in the fridge.  Just grab one and top with the packet of chopped nuts and you are ready to eat. Non-dairy version available. $5 

Veggie or Chicken Sausage Torta-Farm fresh eggs baked with caramelized onions, tomatoes, kale, and yummy chevre.  Quickly heat up or eat cold. $4 per slice/$15 whole 9” pan

Breakfast Sammy-Garlic bagels topped with scrambled eggs with green onions, Canadian bacon, and a cheddar Dijon shmeer. $7


Paleo Sack Lunch-Mole grilled turkey kabobs, hard boiled farm fresh egg, house made humus, local veggies, nutty protein bars. $11

Grilled Salmon Salad-Herbed salmon, roasted beets and potatoes, hard boiled farm fresh eggs drizzled with mustard vinaigrette. $13

Traditional Lasagna-Layers of fresh pasta, Ragu Bolognese, béchamel, and Parmesan. $10

Soup of the Week-Coconut Miso, vegan.  Miso and coconut milk meld together as a great base for carrots, potatoes, and Chinese greens. $5 pint 


Coconut Cashew Curry-Tender chicken braised all day in a rich yellow curry sauce.  Served with brown jasmine rice and steamed vegetables. Quick pickled cucumber and carrot salad. $18

Turkey Chorizo Green Enchiladas-Corn tortillas filled with spicy turkey chorizo, sweet onions, and farm fresh goat cheddar cheese then topped with a mild tomatillo green sauce. Comes with yellow rice and refried pintos.  $18

Cuban Plate-Shredded slow roasted garlicky pork shoulder served over rice and black beans. Garnished with chimichurri and slaw. $18

Boeuf a la Nicoise-Braised beef stew with red wine, tomato, olives, and buttered noodles. Parmesan Bread Sticks. $20

Tunisian Lamb and Eggplant Stew-Warmly spiced stew with caraway, coriander, chilies, and paprika braised for hours. Served over buttery and nutty farro.  Top with a dollop of spicy harissa. Fresh Naan. $22


Prices are per adult. 

Family style available. Kid’s portions are 50% off.

The delivery fee is $25.00 per order.  Waived for orders of $75 or more. Order by Friday at 3pm for Monday delivery.  Order by Monday at 3pm for Wednesday delivery.

Dairy free or wheat free? No problem. Please let me know if you have any food restrictions, I am happy to make adjustments for you. 

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