How it Works

Here’s How it Works:

First we get to know each other a bit.

Get on the “Shop & Chop Fresh List Email” by sending me your email address via my website. I’ll send you this weeks menu/order sheet and add you to weekly email list.  Once you have placed your first order I like to have a short conversation about you. Make sure to have a list of your allergies, doctors orders, dislikes, or any food requests you have.  They are all important to me. I will check this info each week and add notes to orders when needed so that adjustments are made to meals.

When you order.

You choose which meals you would like delivered to you on Monday or Wednesday.  Choose your plan: ready to cook or ready to heat. Then email your order back to me by the due date at noon. I will email you back an invoice to look over to make sure we have everything and take payment.  Once you decide to make regular orders you may opt to pay at the time of delivery. Prices for all options are on the weekly email.

Ready to Cook Option
Ready to Cook Option
Ready to Eat Option
Ready to Eat Option
All Together Now
All Together Now

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